black rice nori avocado tamari

I'm grateful for every small act  or word of gratuitous kindness.
It makes me unbelievably happy. 
It makes me appreciate life.
It makes me feel not so much scared of the world as I usually am.
I was reminded of one by trying to find a suitable plate for the maki I made yesterday. I ended up with the Japanese set of pretty little bowls a dear person gave me as a present for my BA degree.
Nobody understood the reason of that kind gesture. 
Maybe because most of us are no more accustomed with simple affectionate acts of pure kindness. 
With no by-end.
With no selfishness. 
So strange, so unusual but they make your heart warm again.
I'm grateful to have such a generous and kind person in my life.

Just to perpetuate my insatiable hunger for experimentation I made avocado maki with black venus rice.
I cooked the rice for 20 minutes in the pressure cooker, I paired it with avocado strips, wrapped in nori and sprinkled with gluten-free tamari. The result is very aromatic and delicate.
I bet that every Japanese that sees sushi outside of his or her country (or made by my unskilled hands) shudders as much as an Italian that sees pizza made outside of Italy.
So for this and much more I humbly beg for the clemency of the Culinary Gods.

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