The happiest Halloween Potluck Brunch

Adrienne's Canadian Maple Syrup Scones

This morning we gathered at Adrienne's beautiful house (she has a huge kitchen with a lot of light! And there were some breath-taking white!).
We had Anna's Polish veg soup with bread and cottage cheese, Lubna's Bengali superspicy samosas and milk jam+toasts, Adrienne's Canadian maple syrup scones, Zoran's Serbian fruits handpicked from his garden (lol!), Agnes's Indonesian Gado-gado, Alexandra's vegan savory wholewheat galette with broccoli potatos and black olives (no no...that's not, Patricia's savory crepes from Barcelona, and Mara's pane e Nutella!
We ate all that yummy food and we chatted and we ate some more and we laughed and...well, we had a great time!
Thank you Adrienne for inviting us over!
Thank you Gemma (and non-Gemma!) people! You are precious and amazing!

Reading: Alsop, Fitzsimons & Lennon -  'Theorizing Gender'
Listening: Xiu Xiu -  'The Tale of Brother Cakes and Sugar Dust'

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  1. Oh, I'm happy knowing you had such a delicious morning! And now I'm really hungry, but I have The Answer: chestnut cake :)