Things I'm sentimental over and over and over:

Cherry blossoms in all their glory at home.

Vegan gluten-free brownies with a brand new chickpeas perspective.

Broccoli sprouts. They're pretty and they smell like broccoli for real.
I've been taking care of them and their growth for 6 days.
And now...I can't eat them. So silly of me!

The best surprise by a friend: he took me to Bloody Claws (Carla Bozulich + Francesco Guerri) concert on Friday night.
My heart started beating faster and faster when I read her name on the poster next to the entrance.
I cried with her during "The Bloom Room".
I scribbled down a love note and I put the piece of paper near all the pedals on the stage when she finished playing. I'm too shy to say such things in person.

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