I went home for a few days during the Easter holidays.
It's the best time of the year to enjoy the countryside because you can see everything in bloom.
You can really feel and enjoy the rebirthing of nature. Fresh air! Birds chirping!
I took a million pics of flowers, especially of daffodils and cherry blossoms.
My Mum wanted to bake me a surprise for Easter...yes it was that marvellous tart with her rhubarb jam
and fresh strawberries. I also enjoyed a scrumptious home made blood orange marmalade - a present from a friend -  on my soy yoghurt in the morning.

I just can't stop playing Thao new album "Know Better Learn Faster".
Here's a nice video of the title track.


  1. Your photography is lovely!
    Emma xx

  2. Thank You very much!!!
    Comments always make me super happy :)