Le raw vegan gluten-free smoothie au caramel salé

I have just bought some raw lucuma powder. Lucuma is a subtropical fruit native of Peru and it has been welcomed as a superfood all around the internet. According to some websites, it has good amount of fiber, carotene, iron and B3. It also has a low glicemic index. I agree that it tastes and smells a little bit like a mix of caramel, maple and sweet potato. I find it great in smoothies because it makes them very silky.

To make 1 raw, vegan, gluten-free smoothie that tastes a bit like my beloved salted caramel, I have blended together:

- 1 small organic fairtrade banana, cut  in chunks
- 2 tablespoons of raw lucuma powder
- 1 tablespoon of organic quinoa flakes 
- 2 pinches of organic vanilla powder
- 1/3 of a pinch (does it exist? lol!) of pink Himalayan salt
- 150 ml of organic unsweetened almond milk
- 150 ml (or more) of water

Garnish with some raw cocoa nibs and enjoy!

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