Thinker on a Rock by Barry Flanagan, Neude Square, Utrecht

'I thought about what Esther had told me of seeing Hitler in the cafeteria. It had seemed utter nonsense, but now I began to reappraise the idea. If time and space are nothing more than forms of perception, as Kant argues, and quality and quantity, causality are only categories of thinking, why shouldn't Hitler confer with his Nazis in a cafeteria on Broadway? Esther didn't sound insane. She had seen a piece of reality that the heavenly censorship prohibits as a rule. She had caught a glimpse behing the curtain of the phenomena. I regretted that I had not asked for more details.'

Isaac Bashevis Singer
The Cafeteria 

This is another of the neverending questions of mine (so brace yourself): what does it mean to be insane?
Is it the ability of seeing behind/beyond the phenomena? 
How high is the price to pay for transgressing the boundaries in order to have a glimpse of it?
You want the details, leaving the insane the consequences? Isn't this curiosity immoral?
Isn't it obscene to want to know the ob-scene through someone else, without soiling ourselves?

 Tonight's song (click!):
Diamanda Galas - This is the Law of the Plague 

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